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The Certified Pool Operator (CPO) Certification course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently manage and operate swimming pools and spas, and meet the mandatory State Health Department requirements for pool operator certification. CPO’s are trained in the most advanced techniques in: safety, water chemistry, maintenance, management, water testing, state health codes and requirements, pool liability, and disease control.

The CPO Seal of Approval is assurance to pool and spa owners from hotels to water parks that their facilities and swimmers are under the supervision of trained professionals. The Certified Pool Operator Certification course provides training for effective economical and safe use of an aquatic facility. All operators, owners, managers, service companies, public health officials, and any person who has an interaction with a pool facility will benefit from the CPO Certification course.

Certification is good for five years. Course includes CPO Handbook and handouts. The Certified Pool Operator Certification course is a national and international program.

Please call us at 651-917-3075 to request Spanish (formal) materials when registering for one of our classes.


Course Outline

  • State Health Codes - Revised requirements and building codes
  • Pool Calculations - Calculating pool volume, turnover and flow rate, bather load and capacity, chemical additions, filter sizing, and Langelier saturation index
  • Filtration and Recirculation - Skimmers and gutters, valves, gauges and flow meters, pumps, motors, heaters, sand, D.E., and cartridge filters
  • Water Chemistry - pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Temperature, Total Dissolved Solids, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, Breakpoint Super-Chlorination, Cyanuric Acid, ideal chemical levels, chlorine sanitizers, water balancers, and specialty products and equipment
  • Spas - Benefits of warm water and warm water problems and health risks
  • Maintenance - Daily and preventative maintenance, trouble-shooting, maintenance check lists, seasonal pools and winterizing pools
  • Testing - DPD usage and other test kits, false readings, chemical automation, backup tests, and procedures
  • Water Problems - Algae, staining, foaming, odors, cloudy water, corrosion, and scale formation
  • Renovation - Energy efficiency, energy audits, renovating and new pool construction
  • Disease and Accident Prevention - Water-born disease, disease prevention, and chemical hazards


Two Day Certification Class

The two day certification class is for anyone who is looking to get certified for the first time or has a license that has expired. Students must complete the 16 hours of instruction and pass the exam to become certified. The passing score to become certified is 75% and above.

Cost of the 2-day Certification Seminar: Metro - $375.00 and Non-Metro - $385.00

One Day CPO Re-Certification Class

Please note: Classes are held during specific times of the year. See the schedule for the available one day recertification classes.

This re-certification one day seminar is an option to renew your CPO certification. The one day course is designed for knowledgeable current CPOs to obtain updated information and take the required test. Eligibility for this class requires a current certificate at the time of class. You must provide a copy of your certificate with registration prior to class. WARNING: This class is only a review. If you have concerns about the material or passing the test, we recommend that you take the 2-day course.

Please see the schedule for the available one day recertification classes.

Cost of the 1-Day Re-certification Seminar: $350.00



If you recently attended a Horizon CPO course and failed the test to become certified please call our office at 651.917.3075 to set up a retest during an upcoming regularly scheduled CPO class.

Cost of a Re-test: $285.00


Lost Certificate or Replacement Copy

A form to request a copy of your certificate can be found on the PHTA website. This from can be here: Replace my CPO Certificate.



For information on receiving your certificate visit the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance.
Ph: 719-540-9119  |  www.phta.org

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